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European Union of Futsal (U.E.F.S.)
Union Europea de Futsal

   LLoret de Mar, June 19, 2010.
                                                                                                On  19th  June  in the town of Lloret de Mar in Catalonia, met the
                                                                                                President  of  the  AMF Rolando Alarcón with the President of the
                                                                                                UEFS  Valeriy  Akhumyan  and the Secretary General of the same
                                                                                                entity   Jose   Maria   Zamora,  chatting  about various aspects of
                                                                                                interest    and    closer    relations   between   the  World   Futsal
                                                                                                Association (AMF) and the European Union of Futsal (UEFS).
                                                                                                Deepened  on  global  aspects  of Futsal to be held in March next
                                                                                                year  in Colombia, especially in determining that European teams
                                                                                                will  be present in Colombia, concluding that insurance Countries
                                                                                                definitely going to be in Colombia will Russia, Czech Republic and
                                                                                                Belarus,  being  out of the World Countries  such  as Belgium,  by
                                                                                                choice,  or  Latvia   have   no  affiliation  to  the   AMF  under   the
                                                                                                conditions that the world body requires, both countries managed
                                                                                                to  sporting  merit.   In  this  situation  the  president  of  the AMF
                                                                                                informed    the   UEFS   that   these   two   vacancies   would   be
                                                                                                adjudicated  by  the AMF in accordance with their best discretion.
                                                                                                Valeriy  Akhumyan  UEFS president informed the chairman of  the
                                                                                                the  AMF  that  the  following  two  selections  with sporting merit
                                                                                                were  awarded  Catalonia  and South Ossetia. However, the AMF
                                                                                                announced   that   the  World  Association  who  would  definitely
adjudged the two vacancies on the basis of your best approach  and that early in the month of July adjudged  vacancies to allow time for inclusion in the World Championship Draw to be held in Bogotá (Colombia) on the 17th of August. Rolando Alarcon also confirm what would be the various sites of the World competition. These are Bogota, Medellin, Bucaramanga and Villavicencio. Qualifying for the quarter-finals the top two from each of the venues. Currently Rolando Alarcón also confirmed Russia, Belarus and the Czech Republic, the participation of the following countries Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela, leaving the two spaces defined award for outstanding AMF surpluses of Europe and one from Oceania, Central America and North America. With that complete the picture of the 16 participating teams. At that time the President of the AMF Rolando Alarcón advantage for meetings with President Eduardo Jordi FCFS, Ignacio Doñate, Director General for International Organizations of the Government of Catalonia and Anna Pruna General Secretariat for Sport of the Government of Catalonia . The president of the UEFS Valeriy Akhumyan also take a visit to Catalonia to meet the President of the Catalan Federation, and speak with the Secretary General of faces UEFS organization UEFS Congress to be held in the town of Lloret Mar 18 and September 19, and the development of the competition calendar for 2011.

In the picture from left to right Valeiy Akhumyan, President of the UEFS, Rolando Alarcon, President of the AMF and Jose Maria Zamora UEFS Secretary General.