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European Union of Futsal (U.E.F.S.)
Union Europea de Futsal
Barcelona, February 28, 2010.
Agreements Highlights of Congress have been, the election of Jordi Eduardo (President FCFS) as Vice President of UEFS and the appointment of Jose Maria Zamora (former president of the FCFS) as Secretary General of the Institution Continental, which would place its Secretary General in Catalonia.
They also elected Mr. Pierre Goyvaerts as Treasurer of the UEFS (Function which was vacant). Include attendance at the Congress of the Secretary General of the AMF Pedro Bonnettini. The Congress will include representatives from the following countries: Russia, Italy, France, Norway, Israel, Belgium, Santa Elena, Spain and Catalonia. As guests are going to participate in the Congress Pedro Bonnettini (Secretary General of the AMF) (World Futsal Association) and the representative of the Confederation of African Football, Mr. Doli Nakwalekwenale.

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