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Union Europea de Futsal (U.E.F.S.)
European Union of Futsal
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                                  UEFS Congress   05.10.12     Platja De Aro   Hotel "Nautic Park


Valery Akhumyan (Russia) + vote according the power of attorney of Czech futsal federation

Alexander Sokolov (Ukraine)

Pierre Goyvaerts  (Belgium)

Jencho                     (Euskadi)

Migel   Cuerdo       (Spain)

Claudio Allodi       (Italy)

Kurt Hardtvedt     (Norway)

Sergey Safonov    (Republic Belarus)

Alexander Osun  (Israel)

Jordi Eduardo      ( Catalonia) + vote according the power of attorney of French futsal federation


1.Discussion about AMF Congress decisions.

2. World Championship 2015 in Europe, place and date of conducting.

3. Participation of Spanish national futsal association in European Cups.

4. The calendar of UEFS competitions , affirmation of places and dates of  European Cups in 2013 season.

5. Miscelaneous.

Valery Akhumyan informed UEFS Congress members in his introductory speech, that he will not nominate his candidature to the next UEFS president’s elections. He wants to direct all his efforts to the mikrofutsal development in Europe and in World, for the attracting new members to UEFS and  AMF organizations

1 UEFS members have taken decision to write the letter to AMF with following proposals:

a) UEFS proposes to include Italian futsal federation with the leader Claudio Allodi to AMF.(Claudio Allodi has to send all copies of his payments to AMF urgently).

b) Only UEFS can decide who (from Europe) will participate in AMF competitions  and represent Europe in this events.

c) Belorussian organizing Committee will contact with AMF concerning the organizing of World Championship among men national teams in Belarus in 2015.But if it will not come to agreement with AMF , Belorussian futsal federation proposes to organize World futsal Cup in Minsk, Belarus in 2013( 13-19.11.13). On this case AMF has to send not less than  2 teams from Latin America.

d)  Proposal : to find the ability to give the post of AMF  Vice-President to Kurt Hardtvedt (Norway).

e) Proposal to oblige UEFS countries to pay annual fees to AMF

All proposals of the points : a,b,c,d,e were adopted unanimously.

2)  Proposal of  Belorussian futsal federation : European teams -participants of World championship 2015 among men's national teams have to pay for travel, accommodation and meal during this event.

Voted:  agree     5

             against  2

             abstain   1

3) In this case ,If Spanish national futsal association will give it's statute , on this case only this  futsal association will represent Spain in UEFS and only it’s teams get the right to participate in UEFS competitions.

UEFS Executive Committee meeting.


The representative of Spanish Association of National Futsal have given the satute of this organization to Executive Committee members.

Now the teams of Spanish Association of national futsal can participate in UEFS competitions. Association proposes to organize the Cup of Nations  in March 2013, Alikante, Spain.

French futsal federation have brought presentation of UEFS Cup in Corsica ,in April 2013.

Executive Committee desided to allow for 3 French clubs to take part in this event  in the case of exception instead of 2 clubs according to regulation.

Executive Committee approved in the case of exception  the conditions of accommodation in apartments( 4 persons in one room)  during UEFS Cup in France instead of 3 persons maximum in one room, as was affirmed in UEFS contract.

Cup of European Champions will be organized by Belorussian futsal federation from 20-th of May 2013. But in the case ,if Belorussian national futsal team will participate in World Games in Columbia 2013, the start of Cup of European Champions will be changed to the beginning of June 2013.

The Cup of Europe among veteran’s teams 40 years old and over will be held in Ukraine, in Chernovtsy, in April 2013.

The Cup of Europe among veteran’s teams 50 years old and over will be organized in Tunis, in September 2013.

Czech Republic proposes to organize European Championship among men national teams in 2014 according to the conditions affirmed by UEFS.

All organizers will get the right of organization of European Cups after the signing contract with UEFS.